Todo Sobre George/All About Jorge. January 23-February 15. 2003

An exhibition's title generates so many expectations about its content. The works that make up the exhibition All about Jorge, reveal the show's central theme to be a dog, thus lending a certain perverse connotation to the idea of curatorial practice by betraying the imposture that surrounds much of what goes on in the artworld.

George has been silent witness to the modus operandi of two alternative exhibition spaces, both of which were also his places of residence: La Panadería in Mexico City and El Parche in Bogotá. Throughout his life George has been in proximity to the implications of organizing and producing exhibitions and events in addition to sharing diverse experiences with the artists who worked and lived in these spaces during the time he made his home there.

The passage from "sobriety" to "triviality" occurs on various levels in this exhibition. The process of selection of the works was made in an open-call for work about George and drew in many individuals outside of Espacio La Rebeca's normal radius, thus bringing together artists of diverse interests and backgrounds. George's leading role suggests an additional reading because, as one individual has pointed out, he is of Mexican origin—short, dark skinned and working class—thus referencing stereotypes about Latino identity within an international context.
An exhibition with these characteristics might have had a different name given the subtle character of its critique. Other possible titles might have been George in the expanded field, Everything you ever wanted to know about George but were afraid to ask, or even All about sobriety.
jaime cerón

Participating artists: Vìctor Albarracìn, Johann Bisesti, Monika Bravo, Carolina Caycedo, Juan Céspedes, Angélica Chio+María Linares (daily services), Felipe Cortés, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Andrea Geyer+Sharon Hayes, José Tómas Giraldo, Beatriz Grau+Bernardo Ortiz, Miho Hagino, Luis Hernández, Jaime Iregui, Margarita Jimeno, Humberto Junca, Cristóbal Lehyt, Juan Mejía, Adriana Miranda, Karla Moreno, Ryan Andrew Murphy, Nelly Osorio, Víctor Robledo, Barbara Santos, Luis Saray, Gabriel Sierra, Cristián Silva, Marlene Valdez, Guillermo Vanegas, Giovanni Vargas, Joe Villablanca.

This exhibition was made possible by the generous support of the Avina Foundation.